If you've followed all our tips about contacting a wildlife rescue  and you haven't found the help you need here's what to do next

  1. Do not release the animal. If you've determined from our advice articles that the animal needs help or our helpdesk volunteers have told you an animal needs help, never just release it. Doing so is likely to lead to a slow and painful death for the animal and you may be in breach of the Animal Welfare Act.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, submit a request for help via our helpdesk (if you have done so already, reply to the message chain and give us an update on how things are going). Our helpdesk volunteers can look for other rescue options for you and provide extra advice and support. It's really helpful if you've kept a note of who you've contacted (as we advise in our article on contacting a wildlife rescue) and can send that to us.
  3. Talk to us (via our helpdesk) before you decide to seek help from someone other than a wildlife rescue e.g. a vet or the RSPCA. We'll be able to tell you how urgent the situation is and what the best course of action is for that animal in lieu of immediate help from a wildlife rescue.

In the meantime, please follow our advice about providing short term care for an animal you've found.